Coronavirus which can only stop soccer madness in Italy

Italy, as a country that is very popular in the world of football, no doubt the madness of the Italians in the world of sports on this one. In fact, in various events that have occurred in Italy, only a few can stop the cycles of spinning from this one sports activity, such as the Coronavirus outbreak that is happening right now. Apart from several other incidents, they were so crazy, they continued this soccer sports activity. Call it when Italy was hit by an outbreak of cholera in 1973. A total of 227 Italians and also 170 people in Naples died from cholera outbreaks, but this soccer event is still being held.

Starting last Tuesday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has stated to postpone all activities that can gather crowds in one place. Of course, this has also been affected by the soccer match here. The regulation was only made to reduce the rate of spread of the Coronavirus in Italy. Because, until now, Italy is known as the European region which has the most cases of Coronavirus victims than other European regions. Italy itself has also been designated as the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Since this outbreak spread, since then also many Italian victims due to the plague. Italy has also taken steps to isolate itself from the outside to combat this disease outbreak.

The plan, the rules that were issued were to postpone various activities for the next 1 month. Even then, time was quite fast. If it turns out that the situations and conditions are still not possible, this rule may be extended later until the conditions and situations return safely. The Italian Football Federation, FIGC, and the Serie A Laga operators have held a meeting to find solutions and ways of recovery in overcoming the problems that are happening due to the impact of the Coronavirus that is happening right now. By the rules of the Prime Minister, the plan can only be realized in April, even if the conditions and situations around are safe.

It is known, one of the Serie A clubs, AC Milan, has contributed to help the treatment of victims suffering from the Coronavirus in the Lombardy region. Milan itself is the capital of the Lombardy region in Italy. This region is also the most severely affected by the Coronavirus. AC Milan reportedly contributed a donation of 250 thousand Euros. Paolo Scaroni also believes that if he is not too optimistic, he can restore the Italian league shortly as planned together. Considering that besides Italy, there were many fatalities due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there were also so many involved in football and the high risk of transmission that occurred. Moreover, something that is not too monitored, such as the players on the team for example. AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis, who is also a former CEO of Arsenal, prefers to follow the directions and rules that already exist to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak that is happening right now. He also did not dismiss if there are things that are more important than life. He also invited to listen to the direction and authority around that there is and also take full responsibility for each of them.

Throughout history, soccer matches in Italy only stopped on a few events in addition to the Coronavirus that is happening right now, namely the First World War and also the Second World War. Not to mention the players who have to prepare for the European Cup 2020 match. Although it turns out the match in Italy resumed in April, still, the break time for the players selected in the Italian national team is very short. Because Italy itself will start their first match against Turkey in June Tomorrow.

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